Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Better Florist - Luxury Floral and Plant Service

Love is something that should not be displayed only on special occasion, it should be shown on a daily basis. Sending your loved ones flower is a good way to deliver your message.

Girls still love receiving flowers, it makes us feel excited at the sight of it. Flower symbolizes romance, it is a tradition to buy a flower for your wife or girlfriend as a token of love. 

There’s a story behind every flower gift, it can deliver the message of: 
- Thank you. 
- I’m thinking of you. 
- I love you. 

You want to show someone special that you care, and so every detail has to be right.

It has been awhile since I last received flowers.
That's why my mood instantly lifted up when I received this lovely bouquet flower from A Better Florist.

Thanks A Better Florist for brightening up on day.

Rest assured of the quality because the flowers are sourced directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands and the bouquet is designed by their professional florist. Each bouquet looks stunning and is long-lasting.

I received The Keira bouquet ($98) from A Better Florist.

The bouquet is filled with fresh lilies, roses and a delicate posy of ammi majus that is wrapped in their signature rustic burlap. The Keira makes me stop and stare. 

Being wrapped in a rustic burlap helps to protect every petal, making the bouquet long lasting.

I was charmed by the floral fragrance, the smell of fresh flowers made me feel like I was in a garden with flowers close by my side.

A Better Florist is Singapore's leading luxury floral and plant service. They are available islandwide in Singapore.

Purchasing a bouquet of flowers is an easy process:

1. Visit the website 
2. Browse through their creation of beautifully curated bouquets
3. Fill in your details to checkout

A Better Florist offers same-day delivery, the flowers is deliver from 9am - 6pm daily. They also provide 90 minutes express flower delivery for last minute orders. No delivery cost and GST.

Though flowers will not last long, looking at the flowers make people feel happy. So just enjoy the moment of being loved and pampered. Receiving flowers make a girl feel special.

A Better Florist also teach us flower care to keep our flowers blooming and looking gorgeous.

A Better Florist offers a variety of flowers/bouquet that you can choose from, ranging from signature blooms and farmer's choice.

Signature blooms

There are 4 options under this category:
The Allison: Tulips and meadow whites
- The Emilia: Pastel roses, calla lilies, matthiola and protea
- The Lilah: Bright blooms and starburst pincushion
- The Julianne: Red and champagne roses.

This bouquet are handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready. Perfect for birthdays and big days.

Farmer's choice

Also 4 options under this category:
The Spring Breeze: Luscious blooms that comes with a rustic mason jar
The Ayla: Sunflowers and luscious greens
The Keira: what I receive
The Hayden: comes in a reclaimed wood box

Thanks A Better Florist once again for brightening up my dull week, adding colours to my day.

First time user can key in the promo code: “ABETTERWELCOME” for $5 off your first order.

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Happenings in June - Dessert Story + TungLok Signatures

Thursday 1/6/17

Began my June with a dinner catch up with GF. We usually have our meet up over lunch which was a bit too short for us since we only have an hour. This time round, we met up for dinner which allow us to have ample time to catch up.

We have our dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong CafĂ© situated at HarbourFront Centre. This is a good place for casual dining and not too crowded. We could sat there for hours to chit chat.

I ordered the set meal that comes with a glass of ice lemon drink, soup of the day and a main course.

Here's what I have for my main course. 

Thanks GF for getting me some souvenirs from her Tokyo trip. We also shared with each other about our upcoming trip and our overseas trip experience. We always enjoyed each other company because we can relate many things together and have neverending topics to share. Let's have another round of dinner soon.

Friday 2/6/17

Finally it's Friday again, weekend is approaching. It has sort of been a mandatory for us to eat out for lunch during Friday, to have a sumptuous affair to welcome the weekend.

We have our lunch at Aston which offers a variety of side dishes to go with different variety of meat.

My choice of selection: Char grilled chicken with potato salad and onion rings at $9.90 net. No GST and service charge.

I have a bad afternoon that day. I feel I am not suitable in the position that I am at. At that moment, I really regretted not taking the chance to try out something different. I should go for what really suit me and what I am good at instead of what others think will be good.

I ended my day with something sweet to sweeten up my unhappy day. I tried out Dessert Story for the first time, a place for people to enjoy wholesome oriental desserts.

I ordered Peanut Ice Cream Roll at $3.50, a famous dessert in Taiwan. 
The ice cream was wrapped in a popiah skin together with peanut bits. The exterior was very soft so be careful when you eat, if not all the bits and ice cream will dropped out, making it messy to eat. The  popiah skin was soaked with the ice cream, tasted so delicious.

We also tried the milk pudding cendol at $5.50. I love the milky sweetness of the coconut cream and gula melaka. 

Hope next week will be a better week ahead.

Monday 5/6/17

A blue Monday.
Dreadful for the discussion later on.

Nevertheless, we have a sumptuous lunch at TungLok Signatures. Each of us have a 6 course individual lunch set and my lunch cost about $56. The lunch was also to farewell GH so we treated him for the lunch. That explained why my lunch was so costly too.

We have the Deep-fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk and Fresh Fruits.
The prawn was great but one wasn't enough for me. 


Steamed Sliced Australian Barramundi with Preserved Vegetables.
We don't really enjoy it because it has this translucent sticky sticky substance in th meat.

Other dishes.

Our dessert - Osmanthus Jelly.

Test tube drink to end off our lunch.

All the best GH for future endeavour. Hope you new workplace will be a better place for you to strike even better.

The question popped out to me again and I have 2 days for consideration. I think I know what to do this time round.

Wednesday 7/6/17

We went back to Nana Green Tea for lunch today, one of the frequent place we visited for lunch. 
Usually I always ordered the same thing whenever I came here so I decided to try something different today.

I tried on Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice.
The portion might seem lesser compared to Chicken Nanban as the other comes with potato salad and veggie. I still feel full after finishing it.

The timeline is up, this time round, I decided to go for it. No matter good or bad, I really want to have a change.


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