Friday, June 28, 2013

Pizza Hut celebrates Pasta Festival with 3 new pasta creations

Pizza Hut, a renowned restaurant in Singapore that offers affordable and fresh quality food to its customer.

Little did you know, I am actually a regular customer of Pizza Hut. My family will have Pizza Hut once every fortnightly. We had tried pizza, baked rice and pasta. What makes Pizza Hut our choice for delivery is because of the customer satisfaction, the food is always served piping hot and the staff is friendly.

To celebrate the pasta dedication, Pizza Hut had unveiled Pasta Hut, a special promotion campaign that focuses on rewarding loyal and new pasta fans.

Here I am, at Pizza Hut City Square Mall outlet for the preview tasting of new pasta dishes. Thanks Pizza Hut and Nuffnang for the invitation (:

While waiting for the event to kickstart, I had a glass of Mango Sparkles ($4.20).
A very refreshing drink to ease my thirst as I slurped down the mango chunks happily. 

On the table laid the menu of the day where we got to select our choice of pasta. I decided to choose my all-time favourite - Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio. It was one of the new pasta creation.

Time for the opening ceremony, all of us proceeded outside to witness the unveiling of Pasta Hut.

Senior Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Singapore, Juliana Lim, declared the launched of the Pizza Hut limited-time-only promotion campaign - Pasta Hut. 

For the first time in Singapore, Pizza Hut will change its branding at its City Square Mall outlet from 29 June to 2 July 2013 to give the pasta fans an exclusive opportunity to choose from the expanded pasta menu ahead of the island-wide launch date.

Pasta Hut at City Square Mall will revert to its signage to Pizza Hut from 3 July 2013

The outlet will dedicate its resources to serving mainly pastas during the four-day period. 

To complete the dining experience, customers who patronize Pasta Hut will be offered a complimentary personal pan pizza of their choice with every pasta purchase. Pasta lovers can also choose from an expanded pasta menu, which features three brand new creations including Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio, Roasted Chicken Leg Parchment Pasta and Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce.

We made our way back for the food:

Soup of the day: Cream of Mushroom ($3.80).

The soup was thick in flavour and every mouth tasted so delicious. I really love the mushroom soup and I finished every bits of it.

Our appetizer was here: Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets ($6.20), Criss Cross Fries ($4.50) and Cheesy Mussels ($7.90).

Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets. It is a must-order for me whenever I had Pizza Hut. I love how the juicy and tender meat is accompanied with the marinated spice. It is flavoursome!

Criss Cross Fries.

The fries definitely taste good. The large waffles size fries satisfied my cravings for crispy fries.

Cheesy Mussels.

The mussels were accompanied with a layer of cheese on top on it and the taste was remarkable. The mussels were fresh and chewy.

Turkey Bacon Algio Olio ($8.90).

The turkey bacon and spaghetti was cooked together with olive oil, garlic and chili padi. Aglio Olio definitely spice up my appetite. For those who prefer hot and a bit of spiciness, this will definitely be your choice. The portion was very generous, nevertheless, I still managed to finish up the plate.


On the other hand, Rebecca and Amanda both had Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce ($11.90).

Wow, it looked delectable as well. I gonna try this in my next visit, the creamy based pasta is tempting me now.

I had another round of drink - Berri Sparkles.

Pizza Hut uses fresh ingredients in creating the high quality pasta. Starting from 3 July, the 3 new pastas will be launched across 25 Pizza Hut restaurants, adding up the pasta selection to 12 Pasta Perfetto dishes.

As part of the dedication to pasta, Pizza Hut will continue to offer pasta lovers a free personal pan pizza with every purchase from the 12 Pasta Perfetto dishes from 3 July to 13 August 2013 at all 25 restaurants.

A very good deal right?

Thanks Pizza Hut for the wonderful lunch. I enjoyed it very much.

For more information, please visit or

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Asia Style Collection 2013

Asia Style Collection is happening in Singapore for the very first time.

It is one of the the biggest Asian Fashion X Music event of the year.

The inaugural ASIA STYLE COLLECTION 2013 is a celebration of Asian pop culture, combining fashion and music in an amazing one-day extravaganza. The event features the first-ever collaboration of Korea’s K-POP COLLECTION and Japan’s TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, with exciting performances by Asia’s marquee musical acts such as Girls' Generation and 2NE1.

My 2 favourite k-pop girl groups are here in Singapore. Many of us were so excited about it, Korean wave has infested us all.

You must be wondering what are they chosen?

Girls' Generation and 2NE1 are not only the most popular girl groups, but they are also known for their fashionistas.

2NE1 are definitely one of the fashion icon that hold my interest. From their makeup, to their dressing and accessories, everything got me so fascinated. 2NE1 have always be seen wearing the heavy makeup (bold eyeliner, dark eyeshadows and false eyelashes.

Their style are really one-of-its-kind, it is so funky. Pair it over with stockings to enhance your sexy legs.

As you can see from both pictures, animal prints are quite trendy in K-pop fashion. Leopard print seems to be the favourite among all others. Be it cardigan or bag, let's join in the trend now.

I always love Park Bom's  makeup and fashion style. It looked so good on her.
Park Bom's loves to wear hot pants with sexy, seethrough stockings. Her appearance is always so eye-catching. I love her doll-like look.

Girls' Generation is the first girl groups that I liked. I liked them since their album "Gee", it is super addictive.
Girls' Generation is also another favourite fashion icon of mine. They have bring in the trend for bold coloured hair (blue, pink and purple) and feminine hair accessories from their latest album "I Got A Boy".

The bright colour funky street style is taking over the trend now - sneakers, stockings, baggy jeans and loose top.

Jessica has a great sense of fashion. She is also known for her airport fashion. 
Basically, Jessica looked great in everything she wore, it suits her style and personality. Her outfits are versatile, Jessica can always be seen wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, stockings and not just limit herself to jeans. 

They are my fashion icons. I want to learn more from them.


I met up with my Linda and GF that afternoon for Asia Style Collection 2013 carnival held at Singapore Expo.

Linda and I were both in mask. The haze was so bad and it had gone tremendously high the few days. PSI was about 350+ that day, we had no choice but to wear a mask out as breathing in too much of these pollutants will result in cancer.

We had so much to catch up that day.
Somehow or rather, our conversation topic was linked to Thai horror movies and GF showed us the video of the movie "Body". Actually I have a low threshold for horror stuffs. Oh man, now the scene kept replaying on its own in my mind, I think I will have a hard time to sleep tonight.

Okay, I need to distract myself.

Guess who I met?

Spotted Joanne at the carnival, she was the host of the carnival. It's been really long since we last met, the last time we met was in 2012. Time flies like a bullet train.

Didn't really dress myself up because I was not going for the concert and fashion show. I had no ticket for it, miss the chance to catch my idols in person :(

Girls' Generation will be coming back to Singapore this October for their world tour concert. I really hope to catch this concert, was already thinking whether to buy the ticket or not.

A group photo of the girls to end off the post.
Though I did not manage to catch the concert, but it was still a fruitful trip as I had a great chatting session with my girls.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Astalift Skincare - Lunamer

All of us love to have a healthy glowing skin.

But many of us are juggling a high-pressure job and an active lifestyle, our skin condition tends to worsen due to the internal and external damage:

Internal Factors
External Factors
Work stress
UV rays
Irregular lifestyle (lack of sleep, diet, etc.)
Air pollution
Insufficient skincare
Tobacco smoke

We can better take care of our skin and maintain the healthy glow with Astalift and Lunamer.

I was here at the new outlet of Astalift located at Jurong East Mall (JEM).

Let me fill you with some background about Astalift:

Astalift is a Japan's award-winning brand that offers carefully researched skincare products with proven efficacy, created by FUJIFILM. Oxidation is the leading cause of freckles and skin ageing, and also is responsible for colour fading in photographs. FUJIFILM has applied its advanced understanding of the process of anti-oxidation technology to create Astalift’s award-winning anti-ageing products.

That is the 2 best selling anti-ageing products - Essence Destiny and Jelly Aquarysta.
Will talk more about it later on.

Not only specialise in skincare products, Astalift also provide anti-ageing and whitening supplements. It supplies our body with collagen and antioxidants to improve the quality and appearance of our skin inside out, from head to toe.

Ready for Lunamer workshop conducted by Jamie.
Say goodbye to dull and dry skin.

We were being introduced to Lunamer skincare collection.

Lunamer helps to eliminate dullness, reduce signs of visible pores, hydrate our skin and let beautiful complexion revolve around us.

Lunamer seeks to strengthen and beautify the skin of busy working women who are in their 20s and 30s.

Lunamer's skincare approach

1. Purify
- Remove impurities (e.g. dirt).
- Counter keratin build-up in pores.
- Protect skin from damage caused by active oxygen.

2. Recharge
- To supplement nutrients and rejuvenate tired-looking skin.
- Boost skin cell renewal

So build healthy skin with Lunamer now.

Follow Lunamer skincare regime:

Step 1: Cleanse and Wash (Double Cleanse)

Lunamer Clear Cleansing Oil removes makeup, pore-clogging sebum and dirt clogged in pores. The Orange Oil helps to purify and tighten skin.

After removing the makeup, cleanse our face again with Lunamer Clear Wash. The Fruit Acid softens and removes aged keratin and dirt in pores. It helps our skin to achieve the translucency and brightness.

Step 2: Brightening

Introducing the star product, Lunamer Brightener, which helps to purify and recharge skin in just one step.

After cleansing, apply Brightener with cotton pad over our face. Use about 2-3 pumps and spread over entire face in a gentle gliding movements without applying too much force. Avoid applying near our eyes area when our skin is dry. It eliminates dullness and achieves healthy skin.

There is no need to rinse off after applying. Just continue with our next step of skincare routine.

Step 3: Moisturise

There are two types of lotions available for Lunamer.

Lunamer Lotion I (Light): For oily skin. 
It delivers moisturising ingredients deep into corneal layer to replenish moisture for a clear, refreshed complexion.

Lunamer Lotion II (Moisture): For normal or dry skin.
It replenishes moisture to achieve optimum water-oil balance while softening and hydrating skin.

They were fast absorbed into my skin upon applying.

Step 4: Emulsion

Similarly, there are also two types of emulsion available.

Lunamer Emulsion I (Light): For people with oily or combination skin. 
Lunamer Emulsion II (Moisture): For people with normal or dry skin. 

They are formulated based on the skin’s moisture and sebum secretion with different degrees of moisture retention. It protects skin from environmental damage and restores moisture.

Step 5: Wrap

Lunamer Cream delivers moisturising ingredients deep into corneal layer to assist in repair of damaged skin and to restore healthy skin. No stickiness after the application and my skin feels silky smooth.

UV Protector (SPF 40/PA+) contains highest concentration of crown sugar which detoxifies harmful elements on skin, preventing  it from entering the dermis.

We should always apply UV protector at all times during the day to reduce the harmful effects of the UV rays.

This is my recommended skincare regime:
Clear cleansing oil > Clear Wash > Brightener > Lotion I > Emulsion I > UV Protector

Besides Lunamer, let me share with you the best selling anti-ageing products at Astalift.

Essence Destiny.

It is formulated with high concentrations of nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, highly-permeable Resveratrol, Royal Jelly, skin firming Elastin and Collagen to effectively deliver anti-ageing goodness deep into the skin. 

Use regularly and you will feel the bounciness and suppleness on the skin. 
Once you finished the essence, you can purchase the refill instead of a brand new bottle. Very eco-friendly right?

Jelly Aquarysta.

The uniquely named Aquarysta is derived from AQUA and CRYSTAL, which symbolises the light as water texture of the clear jelly, and the crystal-clear, moisturised skin it brings. 

Remember, use it right after cleansing in your daily skincare regime, and before lotion and emulsion. This extraordinary revolutionary skincare formula targets visible signs of premature ageing: dark spots, lines and dull skin, delivering visibly younger, more luminous and 'replumped' skin.

After all of us used the jelly, there was a small hole in the middle of the jelly. But after 2 minutes, the jelly formed back to its original shape where the hole was flawlessly sealed back. Very interesting right?

Thanks GF for extending the invitation.

It was a great workshop with Astalift. Thanks Astalift for sharing the knowledge on Lunarmer skincare and the benefits of it. I enjoyed myself very much.


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