Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner at Nando's and Guinness Live

It's yet another of our buddies outting. We love travelling around to hunt for good food.
This time round, the food lovers headed over to Nando's at Plaza Singapura:

Rice and chips.

Can't seems to have enough potato, we ordered Peri wedges. Perfect for kantang lover like me.

Lets have peri-peri mild chicken.

So what's next after dinner?

We had a long chit-chat session, followed by chill out at Dragonfly.

How could we not have Guinness Draught while watching Guinness Live?

GF, William and I have fun while taking photos. We are always full of ideas.

Our main mission is here to support our friend, Yong Wei.
Go, Yong Wei!

Team Dragonfly and Team Shanghai Dolly's mentor: Jason and William Scorpion.

Today's PK match:

Jeremy from team Shanghai Dolly vs Yong Wei from team Dragonfly.

First to go is Jeremy, who is in his punk outfit.

As Jeremy is an English speaking person, so when he sings chinese songs, there is this angmoh accent in it. The pronunciation tend to be not so accurate.

Yong Wei's singing and stage performance has improved from his last performance. This time round, he knows how to get the audience involved - swinging the hands and getting audience to sing along with him.

Halfway singing his second song - 朋友, Yong Wei forgets the lyrics. Luckily, the audience knows the song and accompany him sing through.

Jeremy's last song has helped him gain back lots of votes from the audience - 新 不了情
He has managed to sing it well.

As a result, Jeremy has won the match.
Don't be dishearted, Yong Wei. Try harder next time (:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Steamboat + Lo Hei + Jess's birthday celebration

It's the second day of Chinese New Year, are you guys still on visit to your relatives or close friends' house?

That evening, I went over to Serangoon to meet up with a group of good friends for a steamboat session at Yong Wei's house. Thanks Yong Wei for the kind invitation and opening up your house.

But before our steamboat, we had our "Lo Hei" session:

We got the Yusheng very last minute at cold storage. What is new year without yusheng right?
A peek of what we are having for dinner. GF is very thoughtful, she brought us some wu xiang and other ingredients for add on. Yong Wei too, got us bacon for cold storage.

As for me, I brought a can of abalone to his house too. Abalone symbolises good fortune, it's definitely a must have dish during steamboat.

While pouring the ingredients, everyone of us take turns to say something auspicious.May fortune and wealth be with us.

While William is busy setting up his camera, the girls are busy with their cameras too.
Well, Yong Wei loves banana. He was borned in the year of Monkey. That explains the last picture.

Ready! Steady! Go!
Huat ar!

Lets start tossing. The higher, the better.

We had a wonderful time at Yong Wei's house. Thanks Yong Wei and his parent for the great hospitality.


And in the night time, in the last hour of GF's birthday, we had a mini celebration for her:

Birthday girl had a photo with Yong Wei.

Ruiting, Valentine and I with the birthday girl.
Birthday girl and William.
Happy birthday, girl.
We are friends by chance, BFF by choice.
GF is not a year older, but a year wiser.
GF and I shared the same taste. Both of us love cheesecake.
William was asking me what flavour to buy, so I just gave him the flavour I like. And it turned out that GF like it too. With just one look, we know what the other party is thinking. That's how close we are.

Okay, shall end my post here. It's time to turn in to replenish my energy and prepare for tomorrow. Good Night.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Eve Countdown

The Spring festival is approaching, are you guys excited???

Right after my reunion dinner with my family, I headed down to Raffles Place to meet up with my friends for a CNY eve gathering and countdown.

 As the time was still early, we settled ourselves down at TCC and started playing board game - UglyDoll.

Thanks William for introducing us this new game: We got to flip over the cards until we spot 3 matching uglydoll. And the person with the least card will have to do a forfeit.

Wow, it's a fun action card game.

I ordered Chocolate of Wealth.

A little disappointed, it's a big contrast to how it looks in the menu and different from what I had the other time. 

After the drink, we slowly made our way to Esplanade to meet up with Leo and to catch the fireworks.

2012 is indeed the year of water dragon, the drizzling had quickly transform into a heavy downpour. However, it didn't stop us from going to the rooftop to capture the fireworks moment.

And right at the strike of twelve, the fireworks light up the sky.

This shot is beautiful, it seems like thousands of stars are falling down.

 Happy Chinese New Year!

The heavy rain basically ruin our plan. We intend to head out to Marina Bay for some photoshooting. But now we gonna head indoor for shelter.

 We lazed around at Marina Square and continued our card game.
The person with the least card will have to imitate one of the 12 zodiac animals and take a photo.

Check out some of these photos:

GF, William and Valentine got their forfeits.
Brought some sparklers to play with. It brought back some childhood memories to me, it must been a few years since I last played.
Happy Dragon Year. How creative of us to form a human dragon.
Yeah! Go, team Dragon! Lets live in the present and make it beautiful.
We were all drenched and wet. The weather was terrible, Leo was already shivering at one corner.
A photo with the girls.
Presenting the mightly new era power rangers.

The rain had subsided and we decided to head home at about 2 in the morning. Couldn't stand the stickiness in us. Departed with the rest and made our way home.
Leo and I then made our way back to the train station, it took us quite awhile to reach. Guess what, we actually missed our last train which departed 5 minutes ago. Argh, miss it!

It's the new year eve, will you be doing Shou Sui [守岁]with your family members??

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ten Dollar Club KTV Session

I have a tiring but fun day. It's time for the long weekend ahead and welcome chinese new year.

Went over to Chinatown to meet up with clique for karaoke session after my programme at Sentosa. After going for numerous rounds of Guinness Live, our throats are itchy for some singing now. It's time to sing our heart out!

We had chicken rice and tiger beer for dinner. Lets celebrate Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer.

Tiger Beer celebrates Togetherness and usher prosperity in a new year.
Lets first toast for prosperity and good fortune.
Second toast for an awesome year ahead.
Third toast to GF, happy birthday in advance.

Huat ar!


We found a new hang out place for singing: Ten Dollar Club @ Smith Street. 3 hours of singing at only $10++, isn't it price valuable?

We were half an hour late, so we were left with 2.5 hours. So we hurried chop chop select songs.
Terence, Shaun and William.
GF and HP.
In my simple wear that night due to the day activities at Sentosa.
With Edison. Do you find that my friend resembles Edison Chen??
We had fun taking photos while others were taking too.
With Linda, my karaoke kaki. Haven seen her since our last karaoke session.
With GF. Someone whom I can share and talk everything under the sun.
Seriously, 2.5 hours was not enough for the seven of us. We didn't managed to sing all the songs we want, I guessed our next karaoke session will be pretty soon.
Our 全家福.
I love this bunch of people. We all shared the same common vision which is:

Living life to the fullest!

Wow, Chinatown is forever so crowded during Chinese New Year. Everyone is practising late night shopping for CNY goodies.

Finally I feel the CNY atmosphere over here.

Argh, God of Wealth 财神爷 spotted!

We are all excited for the Chinese New Year, are you?

It's time to welcome a new lunar year, gona do spring cleaning and hang up red decorations.


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