Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

I must have been so busy with all my commitments till I didn't went for facial for a long time, my last facial was probably in December last year. Now is about time where I should cater "me" time to pamper myself and take a few hours break from whatever I am busy with.

Thanks Sample Store for arranging, I have a pampering facial treatment done at Lynn Aesthetic, an established beauty parlour who has been around for the last 32 years.

Lynn Aesthetic is located in the neighbourhood of Hougang street which is within 10 minutes walk away from Kovan MRT station.

Lynn Aesthetic is a place that allows us to be disengaged from the real world. 
Upon entering, I experienced a different feeling. A very comfortable and calm ambience with the floral decorations and dim lighting. The place was really big, there is a spiral staircase that lead us to the second level where my treatment room is.

I was told that each room has a different theme and a service staff in-charge of the room.
I was being assigned to Caryn which is in-charge of the garden room.

The room was decorated by Caryn herself, the room looked so captivating when entered.
My first time being in a theme treatment room, I love the design of the room.

Time to change on to the robe.

This was how my skin looked before the facial.
My skin looked so dull, a facial is just what I need to brighten up my skin, making me look vibrant and refreshed.

I have chosen Young & Trendy Detox Facial, a detox is just what my skin need.
The Detox Facial accelerates the metabolism of the cell and recover our best skin condition. 

My facial began with double cleansing to remove trace of makeup and all impurities. Lying on the cosy bed with soothing music in the background and Caryn's helping me with the facial started to get me feeling sleepy.

Next, Caryn used rose toner to tone my skin. I love the smell, the smell was pleasant and not too overwhelming. It just smelled heavenly.

Gommage peel was used to remove the dead skin. After this step, my skin instantly brightened up and clean as all the dead skin were being rubbed away.

Steam was next.
This step helped to open up my pores for easy extraction of black and whiteheads. 

Caryn used an suction equipment to suck out the black and whiteheads, this is a painless process. Following that was the manual extraction. Extraction was the only unbearable part during the facial, just bear with it if you want a clean looking skin. Caryn was very patient in the extraction and did a thorough job in clearing impurities on my skin. Caryn also shared with me about how to take care of my sensitive skin and tips of choosing the products suitable for my skin. This is useful for me so I know what type of products I should buy in future.

After which was eyebrow trimming.

The toughest part was already over, time for relaxation.
Caryn applied the serum on my skin and used a device to allow the serum to penetrate into my skin and locked the moisture.

Lip and eye care were next.
Following that was face, shoulder and head massage using detox gel. Do let the service staff knows if the force used is too strong for you.

Co2 Cream Mask was being applied, allowing me to have a good 20 minutes of rest. While the mask was on, Caryn gave me a hand massage during essential oil. So comfortable that I fell asleep and then woke up to rejuvenated skin.
Ended off my facial session with the application of toner and cream after removal of the mask.

I have a cup of tea before I left Lynn Aesthetic.

After the facial, I could instantly see the result. My skin has brightened up and shine with radiance from my initial dulling looking skin. My skin become supple and dewy.

My skin felt hydrated right after the facial.
It is good to indulge in facial once in awhile to clear away the impurities and better absorb all the nutrients.

My skin still looking bright and supple after 2 days.
I have a good 2 hours with Lynn Aesthetic. If you are interested in reading more reviews on Lynn Aesthetic's treatment, you can click on the link here.

For more information, please visit

Lynn Aesthetic 
Blk 211, Hougang St 21, 
#01-317 Singapore 530211 (Nearest MRT Station: NEL Kovan)
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri : 10am - 9pm 
 Sat,Sun,PH : 10am - 6pm
Contact Number: 6289 8901 (Booking of appointment)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Duxton Hill - L'entrecote Bistro + Bistro Bar Chill Out

Yay, weekend is here.

I have been doing revision for my studies the whole afternoon and so I took a break in the evening and head out to attend Donovan's birthday celebration. Time to let my hair down and meet new people.

Done with preparation and ready to head out.
I can never have enough of black dresses. I picked this piece out because the material was very thin and comfortable, at the same time it gave a chic vibe that make it suitable for night out.

The 7 of us have our dinner at L'entrecote Bistro located at Duxton Hill. 
The Steak & Fries Bistro is not to my liking. 

Bf and I spent $80 on the food and yet I don't even feel full.
The food was really expensive and nothing much to shout out. I will never visit it again.

The only decent food I have that night was this pack of fries.
We ordered another 2 foie gras that don't taste good.
A hungry woman is an angry woman. I was still not full after having all these.

After the dinner, we went for a drink with many people joining. 
It's been awhile since I last went to bar for chill out.
I didn't look very happy because I was still hungry.

Ordered a bottle and water as mixer. 
We tried a glass of the liquor raw and the feeling was "wow".

Meet the new bartender who just started her first day work.

I love my choker necklace that spice up my outfit, instantly my neck has become the center of attention. I got this choker necklace at about $4, an affordable accessories that added style to our outfit.

We didn't stay too long at the bar as I want to go home and catch up on my revision.

Enough of rest, time to go back to mug on my revision.
Good night.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Food Review: Burger King Stacker Burger


Began my Friday with a feast to welcome our deserving weekend at Burger King.

Burger fans and meat lovers will love this because Burger King Stacker Burger is back to let us feast like a king.

The Stacker Burger is available in 2 choices - Honey Mustard BK Chick’n Crisp and BBQ Turkey Bacon.

Burger King Stacker Burger value meal starts from $6.90, it comes with double patty meat burger, a medium pack of thick-cut salted French fries and a refreshing drink. If you want to have more layer of patties just like the picture above, you can stack up an extra layer of patty with cheese to your burger for just $1.50.

Relish the Stacker Burger with our friends and family by stacking up the fun and enjoyment.

The BBQ Turkey Bacon Stacker Burger is made up of flame-grilled beef toppled with American cheese, crispy turkey bacon, BBQ sauce and served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. No preservatives, fillers or additives added. 

The Honey Mustard BK CHICK’N CRISP Stacker Burger is made up of double layers of tasty crispy chicken fillet topped with Swiss cheese, a juicy tomato, honey mustard, fresh iceberg lettuce, creamy mayonnaise and served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun.

Cheers to Burger King Stacker Burger.
We can't wait to try out the burger of our choice.

I opt for Honey Mustard BK CHICK’N CRISP Stacker Burger. It was flavoursome with the different sauces added and you could feel the sauces oozing out with every bite. The crispy chicken was crispy on the outer and moist on the inner. Super delicious!

We swapped 3 of our French fries to onion rings for our value meal. 
I have been craving for onion rings. Each onion ring was perfectly fried and super addictive once you started having it. We cleared all the onion rings in no time.

During our tasting, we also played Jenga, the classic block-stacking board game. 
The rule of the game was to take turns pull out the blocks one by one and stack the blocks in a sturdy tower until it collapsed. I kept losing when it stopped at my turn.

Other than Stacker Burger value meal, we also tried on BK Nuggets and the lightly spiced Mexican Drumlets.

My first time trying on their Hershey's Sundae Pie.
I love the crunchy chocolate crust that was filled with chocolate ice cream filling and Hershey's chocolate chips. Anything that has ice cream is my favourite.

Ended the tasting with Chocolate Sundae Waffle ice cream.
Waffle and ice cream is always a perfect combination to go with for dessert. The hot and cold combination of dessert consisting of fluffy waffle, warm chocolate fudge and ice cream. No matter how full I am, there is still room for dessert.

Thanks Burger King for hosting us at the tasting session.  

For more information about  Burger King's current promotion, please visit


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