Thursday, August 17, 2017

Johor Bahru City Square: llaollao + Season's Cafe

Johor Bahru (JB) is a place that I never get tired of visiting. 
I have become a regular traveller to JB ever since I knew the way of going in. If you ask me how regular I visit, the probability is about once a month or whenver we have nothing in mind during weekend.

Now that I am familiar with how to go there, I can bring my friends in if you guys want to.

Today, we went in slightly later and by the time we reached JB custom at about 5pm, we were surprised to see the queue after we came out from the toilet.

The queue was empty. We cleared the custom in less than 5 minutes. 
Lucky us.

Upon reaching JB City Square, we stopped by along the bridge to buy Xuan Tea. It's been a long time since I drank bubble tea, so we purchased a taro bubble tea to quench our thirst.

We then proceeded for some shopping. I bought a new dress @ RM39.90 to work wear.

Decided to have a little rest and enjoy dessert, we stopped by llaollao to have a cup of frozen yogurt. For topping, we selected white chocolate and oreo chips. These toppings will add sweetness to reduce the sour taste of the yogurt.

We decided to go Season's Cafe for dinner. Season has a store in JB City Square that sells breads and cakes. In my previous visit at the start of the year, I purchased their macha and salted egg cheese tarts, and it was very delicious. Hence, I decided to give their cafe a try.

A selfie while waiting for food.
Since we just have dessert earlier on, we didn't order too much for dinner. We just ordered a main course each.

I got this checkered boyfriend shirt from GF, a gift from her during her KL trip. Thanks GF (:
Boyfriend shirt is one of my favourite fashion style because the shirt is very versatile and it creates different style depending on how we wear it.

Enjoying my short day trip to JB.
Coming to JB always make me feel relax and enjoying, except the custom jam part.

I have chicken baked rice.
The rice tasted very normal, nothing fantastic. But good thing is the charging is not expensive either, about RM20.

Bf has fish fillet spaghetti.
Total dinner cost is about RM50. In total for all our food spending, it cost us about $25 after conversion. Now you know why we love coming here to spend our weekend?

JB, see you soon again.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Food Review: Barashi-Tei

Nestled in a centralised location at Middle Road is a traditional Japanese restaurant, Barashi-Tei. 
The restaurant is just 10 minutes walk away from Rochor and Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

Barashi-Tei is known for their affordable and quality Japanese food served. 

Good news for the late night goers! 
Barashi-Tei is open till 2am from Monday to Saturday. So if you are around the area and looking for place to eat during late night, Barashi-Tei is a place you can consider coming to. 
If you are working around the area, you can drop by during lunch hour, Barashi-Tei offers lunch set ranging from the price $8.80 to $12.80.

The concept of the restaurant makes people feel at ease, a place that we can relax and continue chit chatting after meal.

I have a glass of hot Yuzu to go with the meal. It was a refreshing drink.

The first dish we have was Salmon Mentai Maki ($14.80).
I was taken aback by this dish, it gonna be the most flavoursome salmon mentai I ever had. It was full of fragrance upon the first bite. How I wish I could have the whole plate by myself. Salmon Mentai Maki is a must order.

Spicy Salmon Maki ($14.80) is yet another favourite of mine. Wrapped in the sushi was battered ebi tempura, I could feel the flavour exploding when I gobbled down the maki. Simply awesome. Their sushi is really of top notch, they tasted so delicious.

Wagyu Beef Don ($38.80) where the tender beef slices come with oozing soft cooked egg. We like it when the egg was burst and the egg yolk was spread together with the rice.

Ika Teriyaki ($16.80).
The grilled squid was toppled with teriyaki sauce that further enhanced the flavour, making the squid tasted yummy.

We were introduced to the 3 types of Chawanmushi available.

From top left to right: Uni Chawanmushi ($9.80), original Chawanmushi ($4.80) and Ikura Chawanmushi ($6.80).

I still prefer the original Chawanmushi out of the 3 selection as it has a lighter taste compared to the others. The Chawanmushi was soft and smooth, it literally melt in my mouth. We finished every bits of it.

Gyu Enoki Kushi ($3 per stick) for the beef lovers. A great combination of grilled mushroom and beef.

The Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab ($12.80) was very crunchy when bite. The batter fried soft shell crab was fried till perfection. I couldn't stop eating this too and it was wiped clean in a few minutes.

 Barashi-Tei is also known for their Chirashi Don ($26.80). We love the wide array of ingredient toppled on the rice bowl, especially the fresh sashimi and the salmon roe. Our mouth was instantly bursting into flavour with the salmon roe pop in it.

Another favourite of mine is definitely Foie Gras Sushi ($15.80 for 2 pieces). I am particular about the quality of the foie gras. I once ate a very awful foie gras and it totally ruined my impression of it. I decided to give foie gras sushi a try and I'm glad I make the right decision. The taste was heavenly delicious. It has a well balanced of savoury from the foie gras and sweetness from the teriyaki sauce. The foie gras was slightly charred but still taste flavourful.

We also tried Tamagoyaki ($5) and it was eggy good, recommended to eat it when served hot.

Last but not least, we ended our tasting with Gelato ($4.80 per scoop).

Here are the flavours available: 
Avocado, Black Sesame, Green Tea,  Mango, Yuzu and Pistachio.

Green tea  was my favourite. The first sip was a bit bitter but after a few sips, I started to taste the sweetness. The sweetness will come after the bitter. 

I have a great tasting session with the girls. Thanks Tracy for the group photo.
Every dish tasted so delicious, I definitely want to come back for the food again. 

Thanks for having us at  Barashi-Tei.

266 Middle Road, Elias Building 
Singapore 188991 

Opening hours: 
Monday - Saturday - 11am-3pm, 6pm-2am
Sunday - 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

Celebrate Life with Party Popper Singapore

We all have that special occasion and that magic moment in our life where we want to have a blast, creating wonderful memories. 

It's time to celebrate life with Party Popper Singapore.

I attended Party Popper Singapore launch event which was held at BackStage Cafe, a quiet and cozy cafe located in Kallang.

Upon arriving, I was drawn to the popper displayed on the table. 
I have never seen so many different variety of popper before, make me want to try all the different effect out.

Party Popper Singapore is the only specialist in party popper in Singapore. They offer the widest range of party poppers at the most competitive pricing. 

For champagne lover.
Pop this champagne during the event or parties and light up the air with multi colour metallic foil different shapes heart, stars, dove, ball, butterfly.

30cm: $8 each 
50cm: $9.50 each

We can even customized the packaging of the popper and present as a door gift during wedding. It can also be presented as door gift for corporate event too. 
Good idea, isn't it?

This is the red heart shaped popper at $2.50 each.
It creates a rain of lovely hearts, so romantic.

Event was starting. 
My friend, Jasmine, was the emcee of the day.

Meet the owner of Party Popper Singapore, Marcus Poh.
Marcus shared that they offer the lowest price in market and wide variety of poppers to cater to different needs and events.

Next segment was the lion and dragon dance performance which all of us enjoyed watching. 
Lion and dragon performance is seen during festive celebration and business launch to bring good luck from the start.

财神爷 was here too.
So cute, he gave the victory sign.

A total of 5 lions were activated for the ceremony.
We were treated to a visual performance by the lion dance troupe.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We have a group photo taken with my group of friends against the dragon dance backdrop. So beautiful.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

A group photo with all the bloggers and Marcus. Look at the confetti above us, they were popped by the lion dance troupe.
We were all fascinated seeing the confetti falling like rain, we can't wait to try the popper on our own.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

The way to pop a popper is easy, there is a instruction around the packaging of the popper. Just twist and turn both hands in opposite direction. Easy peasy.

Ready, get set, go.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

 Celebrate Life with Party Popper Singapore.

A celebration won't have been fun without these party popper. Instantly, the whole place was filled with lively atmosphere and lots of confetti.

We all love the US dollar bills popper. Who don't love money?

Imagine money falling from the sky, it's like our wish come true. This is suitable for opening ceremonies, corporate events or prosperous occasions. Each is selling at $5.50.

Everyone was having fun popping the poppers.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

Jasmine and I have a pop together. It has been a long time since I last seen her, we have a new way of reunion by having a blast.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We were all having fun while the confetti dropped on us. While playing, it brought back a nostalgia of my childhood time where we played with popper during our festive celebration. Reminisce the old good times.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

We never know poppers can be so addictive, we didn't want to stop popping. It has been so long since I last have so much fun. 

Look at our end product.
I hope we didn't make a big mess.

Photo credits to Party Popper Singapore.

It was a very fun and amazing afternoon with my fun loving friends and party poppers, I have a great time popping the poppers. Thanks Party Popper Singapore for the invitation and all the fun you brought to us.

For more information about Party Popper Singapore, pls visit the below link:

Instagram: @PartyPopperSingapore


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