Sunday, July 23, 2017

Product Review: Filtech Tap Water Filter

Water is an essential need for all household consumption. Drinking from clean water is even important to prevent infection.

Water filter and purifiers are now the latest "in" trend to be installed in household. I always wanted to have the water filter to be installed in my house so that I can start drinking clean water right from the tap.

Filtech has kindly sent me Filtech Tap Water Filter & Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher for reviewing. Thanks for delivering the products to me.

Filtech is a company that specializes in supplying water filtration products to households which include faucet water filters, water filter pitchers and water filter shower heads. They offer products that are more affordable and convenient for use. The products have been tested and certified safe for use.

Let me start off with the review of Filtech Tap Water Filter first.

With Filtech Technology,  the 2-step ultra filtration eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, impurities and chlorine for cleaner and better-tasting water.

It took us awhile to figure how to install the tap water filter, we took less than half an hour to install the filter by following the above steps.

The tap water filter featured a 2-step ultra filtration. The filter can be replaced with just a twist of the lid and fit the replacement cartridge in the slot perfectly. The filter replacement in it has a lifetime of 3000L or approx. 4 months.

The package comes with various sizes of tap adapters making it suitable for all kinds of faucets and taps. Pick one that fits your tap perfectly.

Testing and fixing the parts.
The initial part in figuring out was the toughest for me. After figuring out, we will find that the installation is actually quite simple and easy.

After testing out, time to install it on the tap.

All done.
Oh yes, water is flowing out.

This is a 3 mode-switch tap. water filter. We can adjust the flow of water to filtered, unfiltered shower and unfiltered stream, depending on the purpose we want to use the water for.

This is unfiltered shower.

This is unfiltered stream which is our normal tap water where we can use it for washing hand or dishes.

This is filtered mode where filtered water will flow out from the filter.
The tap water filter uses Filtech Technology to remove impurities and bad odor as well as to prevent any bacteria growth inside the filter. It filters up to as small as 0.1 um of particles and impurities which ensures clean and pure water for drinking and consumption.

I really love this invention, now I can safety drink water from the tap without having to boil the water and kill the bacteria. It saves on the hassle, we just need to change the filter replacement regularly every 4 months.

The water is definitely safe for consumption, so much cleaner and healthier.

That's all for sharing, stay tuned to my review on Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cirque du Soleil Kooza Premiere in Singapore

Cirque du Soleil is here in Singapore with an awe-inspiring production, Kooza, from 12 July to 20 August 2017.

KOOZA is a name inspired by the Sanskrit word "Koza" which means "box" or "treasure". 

Emerging from this magical box, Kooza, is an international cast of 50 acrobats, musicians, singers and actors from 19 different countries performing physically astonishing feats and laugh-out-loud antics.

Kooza is held at a intimate setting of the blue and yellow Big Top. The venue is located off Bayfront Link on the Promenade, next to Marina Bay Sands.

Collected the tickets and ready to head in to the Big Top. 
So thankful for the tickets.

I brought Steffi along with me because she is also a fan of Cirque du Soleil. Both of us were so excited for the cirque.

Photo credits to HP.

While waiting for the show to begin, I bumped into my friends. I felt so happy to see them, it feel like ages since I last saw them. Happily catching up before the show started, during interval and after the show.

It was full house on the first premiere night of Kooza.
The casts have got us all warm up for the show with their hilarious acts and mingling with the audience. If you are lucky, you might be treated with 'free popcorn'.

Excitement has filled the air and the crowds were chanting for the show to begin.

And the show began:

The KOOZA tells the story of "The Innocent" who represents the child within us all, as he takes a journey of self-discovery through a kingdom of eccentric characters, electrifying thrills and out-of-the-box surprises. 

Kooza brought us on an eye opening journey that capture the audience's imagination and set pulses racing.

KOOZA combines acrobatic performance and the art of clowning.
The audience were totally immersed in the performance, there was never a boring moment. I enjoyed every bits of the performance, even the clown performance was entertaining.

This was one of the performances that got my hair all stand up - the art of Contortion.
The trio has amazing flexibility that allows them to twist and bend into any position they like. It is so incredible that makes us rub our eyes in disbelief. I can't believe human beings can actually achieve this flexibility. Omg!!!!

Anticipating grew in us, we can't wait to find out what's coming up next.

Double Highwire performance gave the audience a cold sweat.
The casts were performing many stunts on the suspended highwire. They could do backward walking, skipping, pole balancing and cycling just on the wire. So amazing!

This is my favourite performance of all, the Wheel of Death.

I was literally holding my breath when the pair took their place in each end of the ring and got it spinning. They coordinated very well with one another and could even do skipping when the wheel was turning at a fast speed. I was totally blown away.

We have come to the end of the performance.

I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire performance and was blown away by all the amazing stunts and entertaining acts, not forgetting the clowns that create laughter.

Be sure to be treated to a spectacular visual performance that will bring your heart in your mouth and leaving your mouth wide open during the performance.

This is an amazing show that is worth watching.

To purchase the tickets, please visit

Cirque du Soleil Kooza runs from 12 July to 20 August 2017. 
Ticket price starts from $88.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Product Review: SleepWiz Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask

Having sufficient hours of sleep is important to everyone because it plays an important role in improving our physical and mental health. When we are awake, our brain and body function non-stop. It is only during sleep time that our brain and body can take a rest, and recuperate.

Therefore, ensuring a quality and deep sleep is important. However, there are some nights where I just can't fall asleep no matter how I tossed and turned. The feeling of insomnia is so dreadful and it makes me feel tired the whole day.

I have received Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask for try out. This mask has unique features that creates a better sleeping environment for sleep deprived people like us.
Thanks SleepWiz for the mask.

SleepWiz is a startup that specializes in eye masks.

Let me share with you more about the features of Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask.

Ensure 100% darkness during sleep.

The fabrication of the silk eye mask contains tight DreamWeave technology that is impenetrable to light. This design block away all light that creeps in from the edges, giving us complete darkness when we sleep.

Even as we toss and turn during sleep, it won't be affected.

Soft, luxurious comfort texture resulting from 100% Natural Mulberry Silk.

Pure silk actually helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines on our skin by retaining its natural hydrating oils while allowing it to breathe. Being the thinnest cell, our eye areas are the most sensitive area, it is important to keep the weight light around our eye areas which Luxiere eye mask did it. Besides that, it promotes circulation and relaxing facial muscles for better sleep.

Adjustable Dual Straps for extra-secure.

The eye mask comes with a dual-strap design to keep the mask in place even as we toss around.  Adjustable for just the right amount of tension.

Everyone's head is of different size. With this adjustable straps, we can adjust to our optimum space that does not put high pressure on our temples. The straps are secure enough that hold the eye mask in place when we turned, it does not hinder our movement at all.

Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask allows me to have a good and deep sleep without knowing whether it is day or night. It allows my body to relax and slowly drift into the sleepy mode.

The eye mask also fit our face feature nicely that cover the edges well, prevent any light from creeping in. I have the light on and I totally don't feel it.

SleepWiz Luxiere 100% Silk Eye Mask is retailing at $14.90.

If you are interested in purchasing or find out more, please visit


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